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    Sport is an activity or regulated physical exercise, normally of a competitive nature, that can improve the physical condition1 of the person who practices it, and also has properties that differentiate it from the game. Laughing

    Sport has a great influence on society; it emphasizes in a remarkable way its importance in the culture and in the construction of the national identity. In the practical field, sport has tangible and predominantly positive effects in the spheres of education, economics and public health. The influence of sport in our society is enormous. Nowadays, sports practice has established much of the leisure time of people, whether they are spectators or actors of the sport.

    Adolescents who practice sports have more self-esteem, confidence and self-confidence

    Adolescents between 12 and 18 years who play sports have greater self-esteem, confidence and security both in themselves and in their ability to develop successfully in the sport they practice, according to a study in which the Polytechnic University of Madrid has participated (UPM).

    However, the results are not equal by sex or in all sports, since it is men who show greater self-confidence when they practice a sport.

    This trend may be related to the fact that men have greater opportunities in the competitive universe and that women show, as has been shown in previous studies, many more worries about mistakes made in competitions and a greater fear of failure.

    If the different types of sport are analyzed, there are also significant differences in the level of self-confidence depending on whether the sport is individual or collective and the discipline. Thus, judo and soccer are the star sports in what to give self-confidence to teenagers is concerned.

    "In the case of soccer and judo, adolescents have greater confidence in their technique with respect to other sports such as volleyball, in which students have less confidence," explains María Espada, a researcher at the Faculty of Science of the Physical and Sports Activity of the UPM and one of the authors of the study. Basketball

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